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22nd May 2012

Land Girls is back on repeat on BBCHD!

From Monday 21st May at...

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Land Girls Series 3 repeated
5th March 2012
Land Girls Series 3, created by Roland Moore, is...

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Land Girls, Series 1, Yesterday TV premiere
18th January 2012

A Yesterday TV channel premiere, the award-winning drama series...

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Welcome to Culverhouse & James

Culverhouse & James has built its reputation on a passion for writers and writing.

We represent “Writers who need to Write” -  dramatists of talent and excellence in Television, Film, Radio and Theatre, throughout the UK.  We have offices in London, Merseyside and Wales, and our writers have commissions across a broad range of genres and programmes.  

“Having realised the enormous talent prevalent in the North West, and the lack of agencies for representation, we are committed to the promotion and development of new voices in this region.”
Diane Culverhouse, C&J Director.

"I have no hesitation in recommending Culverhouse & James as a literary agency. With one of their offices uniquely positioned near us in the North West, they have championed their clients, and maintain a healthy and professional working relationship with us."

Carolyn Reynolds, Chief Executive, Lime Pictures

Our writers are carefully selected so we can:
  • Provide a personal, caring and supportive relationship with our writers.
  • Work pro-actively on their behalf, maintaining and building key contacts in the industry, and providing the latest news on programme commissions.
  • Promote writers in the direction that best suits their talents.
Culverhouse & James has a reputation for:
  • Nurturing and launching fresh, new writing into the television industry, and assisting the development of "calling card" scripts.
  • Providing their clients with informed development and creative assistance.
  • Identifying the requirements of programme producers and script editors.

Culverhouse & James was established in 1998.